7 Reasons why you should choose BDS-CRD

We are efficient

   We produce the maximum desired result with the minimum cost. We are efficient at home as we are in the field. We are efficient at home because we have competent, dynamic and dedicated staffs that carry out their day-to-day activities meticulously. We are efficient in the field because we deploy qualified and experienced researchers who know what they are doing

We have broad experience

  Although we are a young company, we have carried out extensive research and training in the core areas of development.. our involvement in such areas has enabled us to gather and analyze enormous baseline, mid-line and end-line data, to engage in monitoring and evaluation and to offer useful recommendation to our clients. our engagement in diversified projects throughout the country has enriched our research experience that enables us to deliver quality product.

We have a rich pool of human resource

  In addition to the dedicated, full time professional staff at the head office, we have a remarkable assemblage of professional associates in various fields of expertise, who can be mobilized for research and training tasks at a short notice.

We are concerned stakeholders

   As a national company, we have a stake in the qualitative success of each project we undertake. for us, being involved in research is far more than being just a business. It is our society that benefits from each successful research project. We strive for high quality in our endeavors not only to meet the high expectations of our clients but also to be proud of a job well done and to satisfy our own sense of patritism as citizens.

We are up-to-date in our digital technology of research

 In addition to a rich human resource, we have the appropriate technological tools required for carrying out sound research

We are committed to quality no compromise with quality

 At BDS-CDR The way we repay our clients for the trust they place upon us is by delivering to them a work of quality.

We are punctual

Not only do we do quality work but we also deliver our works on time.

Some of our Clients

  •   CMC Road, Gurd Shola Area
        AHF International Building

BDS Center for Development Research (BDS- CDR) is a private consulting firm contributing its share to ...

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