BDS-CDR Understanding of Development

At BDS-CDR, our understanding of “development” goes beyond what is conventionally held. We hold that real development is holistic. Material development alone is not enough to improve the quality of man’s life.Holistic development endeavors to address the whole of man and his environment, i.e. to enrich the quality of the material, mental and spiritual aspects of his life in a comprehensive manner.


Development is progressive and cumulative and provides the next generation better opportunities for greater development. any development that comes about at the expense of the wellbeing and further development of the next generation cannot be full and lasting


In the process of building its strength in these areas, BDS-CDR has managed to build a rich and dependable pool of leading professional researchers, supervisors, data processors and enumerators that can be mobilized at short notice to successfully undertake a wide range of project studies and trainings. This ability to put together a professional taskforce appropriate for given projects and to deliver quality service on time gives BDS-CDR the state of mind with which to engage in its assignments with firm and full confidence. Furthermore, its engagement in the numerous study projects that it has carried out has enabled it to crisscross the expanse of Ethiopia, thus enabling it to have a good picture of the social and geographic features of the country.



Making progress step by step and learning from collective experience

Collaborating with relevant government departments, the private sector and civil society organizations

Keeping pace with the fast-growing digital technologies to promote knowledge accumulation and utilization

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach to research and net working with scholars coming from different disciplines.

Operating at the frontiers of knowledge using appropriate,efficient and reliable research techniques and approaches

BDS-CDR has become a seasoned consultancy firm with rich experience in providing quality services

Human Resource

The BDS-CDR human resource is a carefully combined force of 14 fulltime experts and more than
20 seasoned associates specialized in major research and training in the areas of monitoring and evaluation, data gathering process, educational policy analysis, capacity building, urban development, agricultural economics, industrial economics, environmental economics, health, pastoral community development, fiscal analysis, international trade, regional integration, food security, baseline survey and research design and analysis


Management Capacity

BDS-CDR is an efficiently managed firm. Its overall operation is supervised by a board of Directors. Its day-to-day management of the work at the head office and in the fields is carried out by a team of professionals headed by a
highly qualified economist with a rich experience in working in several inter national organizations. because of its competent management capacity, BDS-CDR produces quality results on study projects and trainings and delivers them on time. These qualities have earned our firm the trust and confidence of our national and international clients. This trust and confidence has, in turn, resulted in our being able to win successive consulting assignments from our major national and international clients.


Financial capacity

Just as it has demonstrated a proven strength in its capacity in research, BDS-CDR has equally shown a steady growth in its financial performance throughout its six years. During this period, the com pany has shown an average financial growth of 30 percent per year.One of the indicators of a successful firm is the quality of man-
agement of its finance. We, at BDS-CDR, have paid the utmost at tention to the quality management of our financial matters. BDS-CDR has a well developed standard of book-keeping, meticulously following the generally accepted accounting principles and applies a double-entry accounting system using peachtree. BDS-CDR has
duly paid all its taxes and other payments and is free of any kind of credit from any institution.


BDS-CDR Track Record

Since its establishment in 2008, BDS-CDR has been actively engaged in providing professional services in project studies and trainings to numerous clients. To date, it has successfully conducted and delivered a total of 23 works consisting 18 study projects and 5 trainings. Currently, it is in the process of conducting 10 major study projects. Thus, BDS-CDR has conducted and is in the process of conducting a total of 33 major studies and trainings, and has served or is serving a total of 18 national and international clients. We feel that this is quite an achievement of which we are proud. With such a track record, we are confident and determined to do ever better and ever more



Capacity Building

Health and Nutrition

Urban Development

Regional Integration

Landscape Management

Monitoring and Evaluation

Agriculture and Food Security

Data Gathering and Processing

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