1.4 The Development of Content- Specific and Pedagogical Standards for Subject Teachers

Sponsor: The Ministry of Education


Objective of the study: The major objective of this project was to develop clearly set national standards for 15 subject-specific teachers, specifically for teachers of: English, Mathematics, MotherTongue, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Civics, General Business, Economics, Environmental Science, Integrated Sciences and Social Science. The major drive behind the study is a national desire to provide quality education through ensuring that the teachers know well the subject and the students that they are teaching.The standards addressed the country’s philosophy of providing quality education. To this end, critical issues such as the current status of the teaching profession, the teachers’ academic, professional and personal profiles were exhaustively treated so as to arrive at a national standard for each subject teacher’s competency.


Methodology: BDS-CDR assembled a powerful research team of subject teachers expert in their respective subjects. The research team used critical and qualitative techniques to deal with this study. The qualitative approachfocused on document analysis, in- depth interviews, observations and workshops on the required standards. The documents analyzed included:

•National/government publications,
•Relevant documents produced by national and international organizations such as the World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF and ILO,
•Relevant books and journals and electronic-based articles.
Based on the above sources, critical issues such as the teaching profession and the teacher’s academic, professional and personal profiles were exhaustively treated so as to arrive at national standards of each subject teacher’s competency.


Outcome: National professional standards have been clearly set for 15 kinds of subject on the basis of which subject-teachers would be trained to qualify as teachers.

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