1.3 School Grant Annual Review 2010/2011

Client: The Ministry of Education


Objective of the study: The overall objective of the study is to review the implementation of the School Grant Programme (SGP) to ensure the success of the development objective of the General Education Quality Improvement Programme (GEQIP). This objective includes analyzing the views of different stakeholders in the country about the implementation of the SGP and the reform process.


Findings on Projects 2 and 3

Projects 2 and 3 above focused on the same subject, namely the School Grant Programme. Project 2 (SGP 2009) assesses the programme using SLOT Analysis while Project 3 (SGP 2010/2011) evaluated the implementation of the programme. Project 2 revealed that MOFED has disbursed ETB 410, 343, 970 to the nine regions and two administrative cities in the form of a School Grant. The study showed that the disbursement of the fund was not even throughout and consistent. For various reasons, some woredas did not receive the fund at all while others received it late. The main problem stressed under both projects is serious delays in the disbursement of funds. This is caused mainly by the lack of a clear and smooth flow of information among the key stakeholders. Otherwise, the findings in both projects revealed that the School Grant Programme “has been taken as a positive input for raising the quality of education.” To maximize the School


Grant’s contribution to the improvement of the quality of education, the following recommendations are forwarded:
•The people that implement the School Grant Programme must be appropriately trained. The communication network among the stakeholders (from MOFED down to the school level) should be improved so that the disbursement of the funds could be more efficient and disbursement delays could be avoided.
•The community should be better mobilized and involved with the sense of ownership in the implementation of the programme.
•The School Grant Guideline should be made more flexible to give the grant implementers at the school and Adult Basic Education center level the discretion to use some of the fund for projects they believe would contribute to improving the quality of education in their schools.

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