1.1 Baseline Survey of UnICEF-Supported Basic Education Programmme (BEP) in Ethiopia with an Evaluative Approach

Client: UNICEF, one of the major development partners of the Ethiopian government.

Objective of the study: The major objective of the study was to carry out a baseline survey with an evaluative approach in order to collect time-series data from 2006- 2010 with the purpose of analyzing and systematically documenting the overall status of the UNICEF-supported Basic Education Programme (BEP) in the nine regions and two administrative cities of the country


Methodology of the Study: BDS-CDR’s study employed both qualitative and quantitative methods. The primary data was collected  from sampled woredas and schools, in all the nine regions and two administrative cities, using focus-group discussions, key informants as well as direct field observation. Secondary data was collected from the Ministry of Education’s Education Statistics Annual Abstract (2005/06-2009/10) and CSA 2007 census


Findings : The study showed that in terms of access to basic education, quality of education and equity, the UNICEF-Supported BEP has contributed significantly to bringing marked improvements. In the woredas targeted by the programme,
enrollment has increased, the quality of education has improved and the gender gap has been eliminated or significantly narrowed. The study further revealed that the communities in the UNICEF-supported woredas saw the programme as timely and directly addressing their current problems concerning access and quality of educatio

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