monitoring and Implementing Strategies to Improve the Quality of the management of Severe Acute malnutrition and Community- Based nutrition in oromiya Region

The focus in this project was on assessing and strengthening the reporting, supervision and supplies management systems regarding the performance of the management of severe acute malnutrition in the Oromiya Region. The task involved intensive and practical work. Six highly competent and experienced monitors were recruited, trained and assigned to 6 zones in the Oromiya Region. Each monitor was required to develop his own monthly monitoring plan in consultation with zonal health and nutrition focal persons. All monitors assessed and identified the current CMAM & CBN performance situation by reviewing the existing reports and through discussion with the zonal health offices and nutrition focal persons.  

The monthly planning was prepared in such a way that each monitor would cover 2-4 woredas every month, with 100% coverage of SCs and 50% coverage of all OTPs. Therefore, for this implementation, each monitor was provided with one vehicle.  In order to cover 2-4 woredas, the monitors spent most of their time in the field and the allocation of days was as follows: every month, 25 days were spent in the field monitoring activities, 2 days supporting the zonal and woreda offices in reporting and 3 days in preparing a monthly report to be submitted to the national coordinator, UNICEF and RHB.

During the monitoring process, if, in many of the health facilities, the CMAM performance indicators and reporting rates were low, woreda level refresher trainings were undertaken in consultation with UNICEF, RHB and zonal health offices.


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