About BDS Center for Development Research

BDS Center for Development Research (BDS- CDR) is a private consulting firm contributing its share to the enhancement of the multifacet- ed efforts of the ethiopian government and its national and international partners to develop ethiopia. It was founded in 2008 by a group of ethiopian professionals and their associates with rich experience in university teaching and practical research. Since then, BDS-CDR has been actively engaged in providing professional consultancy services in the area of development to numerous national and in- ternational clients.

Since its establishment, BDS-CDR has successfully completed over 23 major study and training projects to the full satisfaction of its clients. as a result, it has earned the trust of ethiopian government ministries like the Ministry of education, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of finance and economic Development, Ministry of Urban Development and Construction, Ministry of federal affairs and major international organizations like UnICef, UNDp, WFP, the World bank, JICA, among many others.

In addition to the already completed projects indicated above, BDS-CDR has 8 major study projects currently in full progress, sponsored by: the Ministry of federal affairs, Ministry of finance and economic Development, Ministry of education, the Devel- opment bank of ethiopia, Central Statistics agency and horn of africa Regional environment Center and network, addis ababa University. During the six years of its fruitful consultancy, BDS-CDR has con- tributed its share to the development of research and to its practi- cal application in the solution of social problems. It is pleased to be so actively engaged in serving institutions of constructive change and in contributing its share to the development of our country, our region and beyond.


Message from the Managing Director

BDS-Center for Development Re- search is becoming one of the fore- runners in the area of development research and multi-disciplinary consultancy service. We are striving to keep the public informed with our research findings be- lieving that these works will help expedite the development efforts of our nation.

BDS-CDR’s currently strong state is the out- come of long years of professionalism and commitment of its staffs, past and present. Today our firm is on a solid springboard from which it can sprint much further. needless to say. recent partnerships with our esteemed in- ternational consulting groups based in the USa and UK will add a momentum to the promi- nence of our services. I believe that if we con- tinue to work together, we can excel in our eforts together. Therefore, I welcome you all to work with us and taste the fruits of our com- mon successes.

our consulting practice involves using home- based and associate professionals’ knowledge and experience, as well as their analytical and problem-solving skills, to add value into a wide variety of governmental and non-governmen- tal organizations within a framework of ap- propriate and relevant professional standards, discipline and ethics. above all, putting our resources altogether, we always strive to satisfy our customers with our fair treatment and pro- vision of services to the utmost standards.

 besides, BDS-CDR requires all staff, associate staff, consultants and researchers, etc engaged in research and/or consultancy activities to maintain the highest standards of rigor and integrity in the conduct of their activities. by so doing, we proudly deliver quality services that satisfy the interest of our customers. Therefore, I am honored to express my gratitude to those who have been working with us. I also would like to extend my invitation to all national, international, governmental and non-governmental orga- nizations to work with us and contribute their share to the success of the development endeavors of our country


Our Core Values

The core values that guide BDS-CDR in its day-to-day activities are
  • professionalism
  • Independence
  • Credibility
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Inspiring leadership
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Knowledge-sharing
  •   CMC Road, Gurd Shola Area
        AHF International Building

BDS Center for Development Research (BDS- CDR) is a private consulting firm contributing its share to ...

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