BDS Center for Development Research (BDSCDR) is a private consulting firm contributing its share to the enhancement of the multifaceted efforts of the Ethiopian government and its national and international partners to develop Ethiopia. BDS-CDR has been actively engaged in providing professional consultancy services in the area of development to numerous national and international clients.

Major project studies and trainings completed by BDS-CDR
Major study projects
1. Baseline Survey of UNICEF-Supported Basic Education Programme in Ethiopia with an Evaluative Approach
2. Rapid Assessment of School Grant Programme (SGP-2009)
3. School Grant Annual Review –2010-2011
4. Evaluation of Capacity Building Project in Remote Zones in SNNPR with Teams of NUNV Experts
5. Evaluation of the UNICEF/MOWCYA Adolescent/Youth Development Programme (2007-2011)
6. Baseline Survey for Integrated Urban Database Project (IUDP)
7. Situational Assessment for the Introduction of Weather Indexed Insurance in the Oromiya Region
8. Survey on Rural Situation for Gode Zone, the Ethiopian Somali Region
9. Refugee Baseline Survey for World Food Programme ( WFP)
10. Agricultural Growth Programme Survey and Establishing of Baseline Data for Impact Evaluation
11. Information Meeting on the Enhanced Outreach Strategy/Community Health Days(EOS/CHD) and Increased Supervision of the Screening Quality in Ethiopia
12. The Implication of Joining COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite FTA in the Ethiopian Economy
13. End-Term Evaluation of Shebedino Food Security Project of Shebedino Programme Unit in SNNPR
14. Long-Term Arrangement to Monitor and Implement Strategies to Improve the quality of the Management of
Severe/Acute Malnutrition in all Regions of Ethiopia
15. The Development of Content-Specific and Pedagogical Standards for Subject Teachers
16. End-line Survey of the Project for Improving Maternal and Child Nutrition Status (COBANA ) in the Oromiya
17.  Baseline Survey for Sustainable Development of the Gambella-Omo and Rift Valley Landscapes
18.  Preparation of Implementation Completion and Result Report on PCDP II
19.  Overall Education Data Quality Assessment
20.  School Facility Survey
21.  Conducting Africa RISING Ethiopian Highlands Household and Community Surveys
22.  Conducting Baseline Data Collection USAID Ethiopia Land Administration to Nurture Development (LAND) Impact Evaluation (IE).
23.  Impact Evaluation of the African Development Bank Supported Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program
(RWSSP) in Ethiopia



1. Provision of Project Cycle Management Training
2. Strategic Planning and Management (SPM)
3. Financial Management and Control
4. Provision of Training of Trainers on Supply Chain
5. Training on Weather Insurance


Major Project Studies in progress

1. Ethiopia Flagship Study, “Innovation In Delivery Of Better Basic Services; Challenges And Opportunities For Ethiopia” – Component I – Data Collection And Organization
2. Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for RUFIP –PHASE II
3. Revenue Generation Strategy For Developing Regional States In Ethiopia( For Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz, and Gambella Regions)
4. Capacity Assessment for Private Sector Development in Ethiopia
5. Baseline Survey on Current KAP Regarding Peace Building, Social Cohesion, and Resilience in Afar, Benishangul- Gumuz, Gambella and Somali Regions
6. Baseline Survey for Agricultural Mechanization in Ethiopia


Clients served by BDS-CDR

Following is a list of our esteemed clients to which BDS-CDR has successfully provided and is still providing its professional services. (You can use clients’ logo)
1. The Ministry of Education
2. The Ministry of Urban Development and Construction
3. The Ministry of Agriculture
4. The Ministry of Trade
5. The Ministry of Federal Affairs
6. The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
7. Central Statistics Authority
8. The Development Bank of Ethiopia
9. UNICEF-Ethiopia
10. The World Bank
11. World Food Programme
12. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
13. Oxford University
14. Addis Ababa University
15. International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
16.Pro Development Programme
17. Plan International
18. Sanyu Consultants Inc.
19. African Development Bank,
20. Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI)


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BDS Center for Development Research (BDS- CDR) is a private consulting firm contributing its share to ...

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